A lot of new businesses often overlook the critical need to protect their valuable trademarks in the enthusiasm for increasing profitability of the company. Applying a trademark and patent strategy creates synergies within your portfolio, enhancing your brand and developing customer loyalty.

As more and more digital content goes online, litigations and infringements are on the rise. Any company aspiring to be successful, must now more than ever have a well-thought-out brand strategy. They need to understand how to share and protect their own outputs in this online environment and avoid infringing the rights of others.

Trademarks and service marks are words, names, symbols, ordevices used by manufacturers of goods and providers of services to identify their goods and services, and to distinguish their goods and services from goods manufactured and sold by others. Registering a trade mark must be distinctive for the goods and services provided. In other words it can be recognized as a sign that differentiates your goods or service as different from someone else’s.
Most businesses are aware of their brand or branding and rightly see it as their corporate image and know it is of vital importance to their business, but often do not realize how vulnerable it is at the same time. In order to protect it properly, it should be registered as their trade mark.
Here are some of the many benefits that arise from trademark registration:

It helps you to protect your business identity.
It protects you against others using the same or similar trademarks.
It provides “concrete proof” of your legally protected rights.
It removes the need to rely on “common law” rights (passing off).
Registration protects against others who trade in the same, but defective goods/services. This may lead to your reputation being ruined.
It is an asset, it has value:
It may be licensed
It may be franchised
It may be sold

Trade Mark Registration in UAE


Trade Mark Registration
Trade Mark Registration
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